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Welcome to Yuro Sk8 Systems

Hockey Systems, Skating, and Skill Development Training For Over 22 Years

Pioneers in the Hockey Skill Development Industry with over 28 years experience in the NHL, AHL, USHL, NAHL, NA3HL and USPHL.

From Mites to Pros.

Camps, Clinics, Professional Consultation.

Your elite boutique experience. 
Yuro Stars

Yuro Stars AAA Spring & Summer Hockey Program

Yuro Sk8 Hockey Camps & Clinics

Premier Hockey Camps & Clinics - All Year Long!

Yuro Sk8 Camps and Clinics All Year Long!

Your Elite Boutique Hockey Training Experience.


Success is a result of hard work


Persistence is what makes the impossible possible


Do what you love and love what you do

Stephen "Yuro" Yurichuk

Stephen "Yuro" Yurichuk

Phone: 651-402-3142